Art installations, sculptures and Art parks
for home, parks, playgrounds and yards

We offer you induvidual Flower of Life - artparks, art installations and sculptures  for age 0-100, planned specially to suit the surraunding area in the most beautiful way and with close consultation.
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-The theme and placement of the art works we plan together with the client.

-You can order even only one solo art piece for your private yard or a whole Art Park.
-Flower of Life artpieces make your enviroment exlusive, more valuable and inspiring for the everyday life.

- Our products are individual art works designed according to the EU Safety rules for children playgrounds.
- We will inform you about all the details, how to plan, set up, do the basement work...

Whenn you order an Art park from us, we offer you
for free to be part of our  international webnet presentation.
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