The Artists, team of Flower of Life
he mother of the ideaMs Sanna Karlsson-Sutisna Master of Visual Arts, born 1965) studied in the Berlin University of the Arts. She completed her Master degree at the Finnish Academy of Arts and complemented her education with additional studies in dance, e.g. in Cuba and Bali. Since 1987 she has combined pictures and dance, and brought intercultural elements, community thinking and arts into the everyday life.

Artist Ms Johanna Häiväoja (born 1960) is a sculptress who currently lives in France but she works a lot in Finland too. She has studied at the Art Studio of the University of Helsinki and at the Academy of Arts in Paris where she took her degree in 1989.

Rosegarden is the cooperation team of Mr Jan-Erik Andersson (visual artist, born 1954) and Mr Erkki Pitkäranta (architect, born 1950). Sources of inspiration in their common works joy, humour, stories, and nature. In their work, they want to combine visual arts and architecture into a whole.

Mr Heikki Takkinen is filmdirector of the Flower of Life Videos.
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